Undergraduate Projects


'two. one. three.'

Megan Watson - "" Documentary

Dir. Megan Watson, 2013

‘’ is a short (11m26s) experimental documentary, a montage of moving images, music and audio examining the government sanctioned practice of forced adoptions in Australia in the 1960s.

From the 1930’s to the 1980’s thousands of children who were given up for adoption in Australia were done so without the consent of their birth mothers.

Women were coerced into giving their children up for adoption, many of these women were single mothers and were subject to societies stigma of having a child born out of wedlock, receiving little emotional or financial support.

This was a practice enacted by State and Territory governments sometimes with the aid of adoption agencies under a theory of ‘clean break’ and ‘closed adoption’. While it s unknown exactly how many women were forced to give there babies up for adoption conservative estimates are around 170,000. The effects of these forced adoptions have filtered down through generations and affect many thousands more.

In 2011 a Senate enquiry into the practice called for submissions from those affected. The enquiry received hundreds of submissions detailing personal accounts of coercion and mistreatment.

In March 2013 the then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, delivered a national apology to those affected by this practice. This film aims to explore the ramifications of this practice through the juxtaposition of audio from the apology with personal narrative, and home movies in an effort to evoke the social context of the era and the emotional impacts experienced by women as a result of these practices.

'Into the Abyss'

Rob Crawford - "Into the Abyss" Documentary

Dir. Robert Crawford, 2013

Into the abyss is an experimental short documentary about Canberra based graffiti artist Abyss.

'Jorge and the running of the sheep' 

Sam Matthews - "Jorge and the running of the sheep" Mockumentary

Dir. Tatsuya Yamasaki, Samuel Matthews and Sally Muntz, 2013

This mockumentary follows Jorge, a boy with Spanish descent who desperately wishes to run with bulls. Jorge sees a chance to fulfill his dream when he hears of the 'running of the sheep' at a small Australian town festival.



SOLQUEMIA [Documentary] from Rafael Florez on Vimeo.

Dir. Rafael Florez

Since the age of 17 Alejandro has progressively turned his passion for guitar into his livelihood. As a musician Alejandro has taken hold of opportunities to travel and play to audiences around Australia and in New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, India and Thailand. This has been a highly rewarding experience, providing an insight into how his style of music is received among other cultures.

'Pura Vida'

Pura Vida [Documentary] from Rafael Florez on Vimeo.

Dir. Rafael Florez, 2011
Musical warriors on a mission to expand the cultural landscape of Australia...
A short musical documentary that follows the adventures of the 1st Pura Vida Latin Music Festival, a celebration of the diversity, eclecticism and sophistication of contemporary urban Latin culture.
This is Latin America in the 21st Century.
Produced for FAMA [2011]

Staff Documentary Projects:

La Gran Familia - A Documentary by Ana Sanchez Laws and La Pecera

La Gran Familia Part 1 from Ana Sanchez Laws on Vimeo.

'La Gran Familia' was a documentary about the memories of the 1989 U.S. Military Invasion of Panama. The project was funded by CINERGIA, the Fund for Latin American Film Production and Development. The project was created in collaboration with La Pecera Producciones Costa Rica (Clea Eppelin, Ernesto Jara and Camilo Poltronieri).

Navegante - A Documentary Portrait by Ana Sanchez Laws

Navegante from Ana Sanchez Laws on Vimeo.

'Navigator' a documentary portrait, was shown at the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Cineteca Matadeor (Madrid) and Barcelona Art Biennale.


El Otro Lado: La Zona - A TV Documentary by Ana Sanchez Laws

El otro lado de la zona (part 1) from Ana Sanchez Laws on Vimeo.

'El Otro Lado: La Zona' was a TV documentary shown in TVN, Panamanian Major Broadcast Television Channel (Prime Time). The project was commissioned by Apertura Films.