Dr Ana Sanchez Laws maintains the 'Documentary & Reportage' blog.


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Completed Projects

“Hypernytt” - Experimental hypervideo platform for the deployment of news video reports about Ekstremsportveko Voss 2010. Project leader: Pål Aam. Høgskolen i Volda. Funding: $4,000

“Illegale Aviser” NORDIKI, Infomedia UiB and Universitetsbiblioteket UiB. Funding: $2,000

“Navigator”. Presented at the “Indomitable Women” Show at the Barcelona Biennial Festival, Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid).

“Angie against the world” computer game presentation. Cornelius Hertz Gallery, Bremen, Germany.

Mobile media interpretation of the Garden of Australian Dreams. Project led by Stephen Barrass for Cross-Media production, UC. 2012.

Mobile media internship, 'Interpreting the Australian War Memorial Sculpture Gardern'. Anthony Curry, Australian War Memorial. Winter Term 2012.