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Master of Arts in Communication (Documentary / i-Doc) 

This Master is a specialization of the UC Master of Arts in Communication (Research) (230AA.3)


The Master of Arts in Communication (Documentary / i-Doc) is designed to equip students with a critical understanding of advanced communication or cultural theories and research in the specific area of documentary and interactive documentary (i-Doc).

As part of these studies, you will acquire sound knowledge of the field of documentary, and the ability to complete a substantial research project and to extend their field through a contribution to knowledge or a new presentation of existing knowledge. 

Our candidates will undertake investigation, development or creative work on topics focused on documentary and i-Doc. They will produce either a research or a creative thesis as their research product. 

Graduates will be encouraged to: 
- develop high-order analytical and critical evaluation skills; 
- develop skills for marshalling support for projects; and 
- develpp skills for interacting with other researchers and professionals and so be able to contribute constructively to a research or professional team. 

Research Education

Students are also required to complete a Research Education Program that will enable them to acquire the generic skills and attributes identified as appropriate for graduates of postgraduate research programs at the University of Canberra.

Networking and screening opportunities

This program will offer a series of specialized intensive modules, tailored to the needs of documentary and i-Doc students. In addition, our program will strive to provide industry networking and screening opportunities for our graduates.

Our Master of Arts in Communication (Documentary / i-Doc) is open for admissions year-round.

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